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It provides enough options to explore, transform and model data is just few clicks. However, it has fewer options than SPSS for statistical analysis. But, SPSS is a paid tool. Qlikview is one of the most popular tool in business intelligence industry around the world. Deriving business insights and presenting it in an awesome manner, it what this tool does. However, it is not a statistical software. In that case, you might want to look at other softwares.

Being a machine learning tool, its interface is intuitive enough for you to get the job done quickly. It provides options for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules and visualization. Primarily, it was designed for research purposes at University of Wakaito, but later it got accepted by more and more people around the world.

The tutorial listed below should help you more. This tool has abundance of features on data blending, visualization and advanced machine learning algorithms. Moreover, quick training lessons are available on their website to get you started with this tool right now. As cool as its sounds, this tool is designed to produce interactive data visualizations and data mining tasks. There are enough youtube tutorial to learn this tool.

It has an extensive library of data mining tasks which includes all classification, regression, clustering methods. Along with, the versatile visualizations which get formed during data analysis allows us to understand the data more closely. This is interesting as it would help us further understand the exact procedure of data mining tasks. Tableau is a data visualization software.

We can say, tableau and qlikview are the most powerful sharks in business intelligence ocean. The comparison of superiority is never ending. If you want to understand data in real time, tableau can get the job done. It is a powerful tool designed to connect technology, business and data.

It is available in two segments: DSS is also powerful enough to create smart data applications to solve real world problems. It comprises of features which facilitates team integration on projects. Among all features, the most interesting part is, you can reproduce your work in DSS as every action in the system is versioned through an integrated GIT repository.

It started as Google Refine but looks like google plummeted this project due to reasons unclear. However, this tool is still available renamed as Open Refine. Among the generous list of open source tools, openrefine specializes in messy data; cleaning, transforming and shaping it for predictive modeling purposes. Using openrefine, analysts can not only save their time, but put it to use for productive work.

Decision making these days is largely driven by data. They require a tool which can help them quickly. Talend can help them to explore data and support their decision making.

Moreover, it also offers an interesting automation feature where you can save and redo your previous task on a new data set. Also, it makes auto discovery, provides smart suggestion to the user for enhanced data analysis. This tool is built on Java to assist us in data exploration, cleaning and analysis. This means you can work on large data sets without having any speed or memory troubles. Many companies do survey but they struggle to analyze it statistically.

Survey data are never clean. This tool reduces our agony and enhances our experience of working on messy data. This tool is designed such that it can load data from all major internet survey programs like surveymonkey, survey gizmo etc. There are several interactive features which helps to understand data better.

This powerful interactive tool is designed to build, share, design data analysis reports. Creating visualization on large data sets can sometimes be troublesome. But this tool is robust in visualizing large amounts of data using tree maps. Like all other tools above, it has feature for data transformation, statistical analysis, detecting anomalies etc. Tanagra project started as a free software for academic and research purposes.

Being an open source project, it provides you enough space to devise your own algorithm and contribute. H2o is one of the most popular software in analytics industry today. With this open source software, they bring lighting fast analytics experience, which is further extended using API for programming languages.

Not just data analysis, but you can build advanced machine learning models in no time. If you live in US, chances are they would be organizing a meetup nearby you. In addition to the awesome tools above, I also found some more tools which I thought you might be interested to look at.

You can accomplish the same thing with these open source tools. Therefore, until now, if you were get disappointed at your lack of non-coding, now is the time you channelize your enthusiasm on these tools. The only limitation I see with these tools some of them is, lack of community support. Did you like reading this article? With our self-service BI tool we enable everyone to explore, analyze and visualize data without profound technological knowledge.

Whether you need an SQL editor that your colleagues can also get on board with or simply want a reliable and robust tool that speaks your language, datapine has the answer. We have developed our dynamic and intuitive tool for ease of use. Our work with organizations across the globe has shown that for data to be useful, it needs to be accessible and understandable to the decision makers. Our single solution encompasses a range of data analysis options such as automatically running SQL queries, data visualization and KPI reporting , which you can simply achieve via our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

The drag-and-drop function is the first stage in making your data work harder for you by allowing you to easily build database queries on your own without requiring any SQL experiences. In the past, businesses have often hit stumbling blocks when it comes to analyzing their data using complex software; with extensive set-up processes, a pre-requisite knowledge of technical codes and SQL commands, and a lengthy wait for the report to be generated.

Thus it is little wonder businesses were not making the most of the data they generated. Thanks to datapine anyone can analyze and visualize data with our intuitive user interface and can create dynamic dashboards with our dashboard software.

You can now easily create and customize interactive business dashboards on your own, that produce automated reports sent to the right people, without requiring you to do it all manually, nor requiring you to do it via a third-party.

Sending a request down to IT can now be a thing of the past with datapine. As one of the best data analysis tools, datapine returns the power of your data to you by making it easy to keep all decision makers and stakeholders up-to-date in the reporting process. Reports can also be automated so that everyone who needs to be on the same page as you can be.

Not concerned with net profit? Want to generate location-based reports instead? Create your own metrics to measure performance in the way you see fit. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality means that users can edit their dashboards in a matter of seconds, bringing the data they want to monitor to prominence and allowing them to focus on analysis without sorting through reams of facts and figures. With datapine, you are the master and owner of your business intelligence.

You no longer rely entirely on your IT teams to produce BI reports and dashboards, and can access your data from anywhere, with the security level you expect. You can safely connect your databases to datapine and work remotely, grant access to other co-workers and enjoy the flexibility online data analysis tools put at your disposal.

Our online dashboard tool allows you to run your data analysis and access all of your dashboards from any device. Just log on from any internet enabled device to take your office and your required tools or reports directly with you, wherever you may be.

Want to see how datapine beats any other online data analytics tool you may have tried?

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